Bio Seed is a new, organic (approved by OMRI and NOP) seed treatment designed to inoculate your crops with beneficial bacteria and fungi. This promotes your crop health from the start, and will help to improve soil structure over time. The bacterial and fungal colonies in Bio Seed all have multiple functions to improve nutrient availability and support a healthy soil ecosystem.

How Bio Seed Works

This product is designed to:
  • Fix atmospheric nitrogen for plant use
  • Solubilize phosphorus from soil, which is often unavailable
  • Mobilize potassium for easier plant uptake
  • Solubilize silicon in soil, which will improve drought resistance
  • Expand and colonize the root zone, for increased nutrient uptake and water retention

All strains in Bio Seed are Gram-positive, facultative strains, so even if there are cold, wet conditions after planting, the microbes will survive and thrive!

Bio Seed

Guaranteed analysis:

  • Paenibacillus azotofixans…. 1×10^8 CFU/g
  • Bacillus megaterium ………. 1×10^8 CFU/g
  • Bacillus mucilaginosus…….. 1×10^8 CFU/g
  • Bacillus subtilis …………….. 1×10^8 CFU/g
  • Trichoderma harzianum …… 1×10^8 CFU/g

Bio Seed is safe to mix with liquid fertilizers and even with in-furrow fungicide or insecticide applications. Drip irrigation or root drenches on established orchards are also effective application methods. Bio Seed is applied at a 50 gram per acre rate (125 g per hectare).

All bacterial strains deposited in Budapest Treaty recognized depository, and Trichoderma strains licensed by Government of India Research Institute. Bio Seed holds organic approval by OMRI & NOP (see under Organic Approvals below).


Crop Results

Shelled corn

Forage corn


Green bean






About Ag BioTech, Inc.

Ag BioTech, Inc was founded in 1992. Our company provides biostimulants, plant growth, and fertilizers to farmers, distributors, and value chains worldwide. For two generations, we have served farms across New York states and we are proud to serve the same customers today. We are among the leading experts in biostimulant applications, and combine the best conventional and organic inputs to produce sustainable solutions and results for our customers.

In addition to Bio Seed, we provide customers with Vitazyme and other products to enhance plant health and crop yield.