Ag BioTech, Inc. is among the leading experts in biostimulants. Our team offers distributors, farms, and end users unrivaled services and support. We strive to provide world class service to customers worldwide. We offer technical support for creating and evaluating field trials, training sales staff, and unparalleled support. We are constantly searching for new products to synergize our product offering, and perform ongoing product testing to assure consistency and quality.

Our company has served farms and distribution outlets for over 25 years. We take a hybrid approach — combining the best conventional and organic inputs — to provide sustainable solutions to farmers worldwide. Ag BioTech Inc. offers biostimulants including Vitazyme,  Bio Seed and more. To see what some of our customers are saying about our work and results, please browse the testimonials below.

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“We used 2 applications of this product, at 30 days and 2 weeks pre harvest, and raised brix from 11 to 12 on Empire Apples.” “When used earlier in the season we raised brix 2 percentage points. Plus we were able to pick 10 days earlier than anyone else in the area. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.”

– Jim Peters, Williamson, NY

“ I’ve been using Vitazyme on my apple trees for several years now and I’d be afraid to farm without it.”

– Bob Perkins, Perkins Fruit Farm

North Rose, NY

“ We grew the biggest strawberries this year that we ever grew and we had no rain from the time we took the straw off in the spring until the last berry was picked. These were the best strawberries I ever grew and the only thing that could have made the difference was Vitazyme.”

– Jim Peters, Williamson, NY