As a leading expert in biostimulants, we are continually seeking natural, highly effective methods to improve soil and plant health. Our products include Bio ShotBio Seed and Vitazyme. Ag BioTech, Inc. was one of the first companies to introduce biostimulants to agriculture, we have been committed for over 25 years to helping farmers find sustainable solutions. We take a hybrid approach that combines both conventional and organic inputs, which works to increase plant and soil health in the field, which maximizes the nutrient uptake for the crops.

To provide further support to our customers, we offer technical support for creating and evaluating trials in the field. Our goal is to help customers find a highly effective, natural method that not only improves their plant and soil health, but increases their crop yield for years to come.
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BIO SHOT TRIAL REPORTS BY CROPS (alphabetical order):





corn USA (2022 prices)

corn Mexico



rice (American Units)

rice (International Units)



For more results of Bio Shot, but combined or along with Bio Seed, see: Bio Seed + Bio Shot Crop Reports.


HIGHLIGHTS BY CROPS (alphabetical order)


Bio Shot in apple, NY 2018-19.

Bio Shot in avocado, Mexico 2021.

Bio Shot in cabbage, NY 2016.

Bio Shot and NPK in corn, TN 2019, with 2022 prices.

Bio Shot in corn, Mexico 2021.

Bio Shot in cotton, TN 2020.

Bio Shot in cucumber, Mexico 2021.

Bio Shot in rice (American Units)

Bio Shot in rice (International Units)

Bio Shot in tomato, CA 2019.