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Established in 1992, Ag BioTech, Inc. was one of the first companies to introduce biostimulants to agriculture. We supply natural plant growth regulators, biostimulants, microbial seed and soil innoculants, and fertilizers, while researching cutting edge tools for agriculture. Our company combines the best conventional and organic inputs to provide sustainable solutions to farmers worldwide.

This hybrid approach works to increase plant and soil health in the field, while maximizing the uptake of nutrients for the crops. This results in enhanced yield and quality of the crops grown, while reducing chemical and environmental stress. We currently supply products such as Bio Shot, Bio Seed, and more. Our product formulation and selection process is built around the notion that active agents must work synergistically to contribute toward the efficacy of each product.

Serving Farmers, Distributors, & Clients Worldwide

With over 25 years experience, we are among the leading experts in biostimulants. The team at Ag BioTech, Inc. offer distributors and end users unparalleled support, and are constantly searching for new products that synergize with our current product line. We provide world class service to up-and-coming distributors, large distribution outlets and value chains, and large and small scale farms worldwide. In addition, our company offers technical support for creating and evaluating trials, and training of sales staff, as well as unrivaled service and quality products. We perform ongoing product testing to assure consistency and quality.

We are committed to forging long-term relationships with our distribution partners and growers, and believe in bringing value and support throughout the distribution chain.

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