Ag Biotech, Inc. Partners with Redox Bio-Nutrients to Expand Foliar Nutrition Solutions in Upstate New York

Lakeville, NY – Ag Biotech, Inc., a leading agricultural solutions provider, announced today a new partnership with Redox Bio-Nutrients, an innovator in plant bio-nutrition technologies. This collaboration will bring Redox’s cutting-edge foliar bio-nutrition products to farmers throughout the upstate New York region.

Foliar bio-nutrition involves the application of essential bio-nutrients directly to plant leaves, offering a rapid and efficient way to address deficiencies and boost crop health. Redox Bio-Nutrients’ products are formulated to optimize nutrient uptake, promote plant growth, and increase yields.

“We are thrilled to partner with Redox Bio-Nutrients and introduce their exceptional foliar bio-nutrition products to our customers,” said Bob Hudak, President of Ag Biotech, Inc. “This partnership allows us to offer farmers a comprehensive suite of tools to maximize their yields while practicing sustainable agriculture. Bringing improvements to crop yield, quality, storability, and profitability for farmers is our core mission, and the Redox technology will help us support farmers in this region”

Redox’s advanced technology focuses on sustainable intensification, helping farmers produce more with less environmental impact. Their products are designed to improve soil health, reduce fertilizer runoff, and enhance crop resilience. “Upstate New York is a vital agricultural region, and we’re excited to work with Ag Biotech, Inc. to bring our technology to farmers in this market,” said Colton Moon, President of Redox Bio-Nutrients. “Together, we can help farmers achieve higher yields, better quality crops, and a more sustainable future for agriculture.”

About Ag Biotech, Inc.
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About Redox Bio-Nutrients, LLC
For the past 30 years, Redox Bio-Nutrients has provided superior plant bio-nutrition, focusing on the synergy between biostimulant and nutrition, helping growers grow abundant, high quality crops through Redox Homeostasis, or plant charge balance. Find out more at