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The active agents in Bio Shot include same two main growth stimulators in Vitazyme: triacontanol and brassinosteroids, but in much higher concentration / content than the latter. With it’s 10X concentration and resulting lower application rates and transportation and storage costs, Bio Shot delivers the active agents to the spray tank without all the water. Easy to use, compatible with most agrochemicals and cultural practices, with no need for agitation prior and during application as Vitazyme does, Bio Shot eliminates the need for extra application costs, while boosting crop yield and quality. With it’s low per acre cost, Bio Shot is an economical input for the sustainable intensification of any agricultural system.

The Symbiotic Cycle

The actives in Bio Shot increase chloroplast development, allowing the plant to fix more atmospheric carbon in the form of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are utilized within the plant to form sugars and amino acids that the plant needs for growth and exudation into the rhizosphere to support and stabilize the microbial colonies in the root zone, which in turn break down complex minerals into simple nutrients for plant uptake.The microbial symbiosis that Bio Shot helps develop makes it a perfect companion product to the beneficial microbes present in Bio Seed

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Bio Shot Use Rates and Directions

Corn in Tennessee

corn growing with Bio Shot

This replicated trial in Tennessee shows how Bio Shot can increase yields (bu/ac in figure) while reducing the need for applied fertilizer, using both a single and double applications of Bio Shot. Standard recommended fertilizer rates for the area were used.

Researcher: Bruce Kirksey, Agricenter International, Memphis TN

Fresh Market Apples in New York

fruit growth with Bio Shot, North Rose NY

This trial on fresh fruit Jonagolds in Wayne County NY showed increases in yield (bu/ac in figure), brix, and return bloom, and a reduced percentage of bitter pit, with 5 applications of Bio Shot throughout the season.

Researcher: Jeff Alicandro, agr.assistance, North Rose, NY

Processing Tomatoes in California

tomatoes growing with Bio Shot, Williams CA

This randomized, replicated trial shows the benefit of an increased Bio Shot application rate, from 40 ml (1.35 oz) to 80 ml (2.7 oz) per acre, in higher tomato yields, compared to the untreated control (tons/ac in figure).

Researcher: Jim Cook, Colusa County Farm Supply, Williams, CA

How to Use & Compatibility

Bio Shot is applied at a 1.35 – 3 oz/acre rate (100 – 215 ml/ha) depending on crop biomass. Foliar applications are recommended, however in-furrow drenches have also shown efficacy. Most frequent applications range from 2 – 4 times per season depending on growing season length and crop value.

Bio Shot is compatible with most common agrichemicals. A jar test is recommended when mixing Bio Shot with new chemicals.

Designed With Growers in Mind

Bio Shot features low transportation costs, greater ease in handling, less waste to recycle, and smaller storage space. Coupled with unmatched performance, Bio Shot is truly a ‘Best in Class’ biostimulant.


  • Transplanting trees & vegetables: Drench with a 0.1% solution.
  • Cereal grains: Apply a foliar spray post emergence and at late tillering-early boot stage.
  • Vegetables: Apply a foliar spray 3 weeks after planting and every 3-4 weeks until harvest.
  • Tree fruits: Apply a foliar spray at the flower bud stage and every 3-4 weeks until harvest.
  • Small fruits and berries: Apply a foliar spray in early spring when growth begins, and every 3-4 weeks until harvest. At least one post harvest application is recommended

For more specific instructions consult local distributor or Contact Ag BioTech today at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions About Bio Shot

Bio Shot works to improve the photosynthetic capacity of the leaf tissues by increasing chloroplast development and speeding up the respiration processes to increase carbohydrate and amino acid production by the plant. These building blocks are used by the plant for a variety of functions throughout the growth cycle. This also increases the amount of root exudation by the plant, which stimulates beneficial soil micro organisms that contribute to nitrogen fixation, phosphate release, and potassium mobility.
Bio Shot will be effective with each application, even if only one application is made for a particular crop; the Bio Shot effects will be compounded with each subsequent application.
No. Bio Shot typically increases test weight of grains, and crop density and brix of fruits and vegetables, along with yield
No. The active agents are composed of large, stable molecules that will not react with other agrochemicals.

About Ag BioTech, Inc.

Ag BioTech, Inc. was founded in 1992. Our company provides biostimulants, biofertilizers, and plant growth promoting microbes to farmers, distributors, and value chains worldwide. For two generations, we have served farms across New York states and we are proud to serve the same customers today. We are among the leading experts in biostimulant applications, and combine the best conventional and organic inputs to produce sustainable solutions and results for our customers.

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