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Providing Natural Biostimulants, Biofertilizers & Plant Growth Regulators Worldwide

Our family-owned business was established in 1992. We were one of the first companies to introduce biostimulants to agriculture, and are continually seeking highly effective, natural methods to improve soil and plant health.

Having witnessed the powerful effect of biostimulants in the horticulture industry, founder Robert Hudak saw the need for products to alleviate crop stress in agriculture. Starting with local farms in New York State and experiencing year after year success, Ag BioTech has serviced these farms for 2 generations. Since then, our business has grown into an international corporation with a network of distributors servicing farms on 6 continents. We are constantly researching new innovations to ensure we are providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Tractor In Green Field, Ag BioTech, Inc. a Biostimulants and Fertilizer Supplier

The President of Ag BioTech, Inc. a Fertilizer and Biostimulants Supplier

Robert Hudak CCA, President


Tristan Hudak VP at Ag BioTech, Inc., Agricultural Fertilizer Supplier

Tristan Hudak, Vice President


Managing Director at Ag BioTech, Inc., a Biostimulants and Plant Growth Regulator

Juan Carlos Diaz, Managing Director of Latin America


Leading Experts Worldwide

As one of the leading experts in biostimulants, we offer our distributors and end users unparalleled support. We are always searching for new products that synergize with our current product line. With over 25 years experience and dedication for world class service, we are proud to work with up-and-coming distributors, value chains and large distribution outlets, as well as large and small scale farms worldwide.

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At Ag BioTech, we feel a responsibility to do our best to take care of the world we live in. Our products reflect our vision of an industry not burdened with excessive plastics and cardboard packaging, but instead using highly-concentrated, low use rate products that can treat 10 times as much acreage as conventional bio-products. These products are designed for the sustainable intensification of agricultural systems worldwide, increasing yields and quality of crops grown while reducing single-use plastic waste, synthetic fertilizer requirements, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The effects of our products on a growing crop, from row crops to vegetables to orchards, also reflect our vision to care for the planet and the soil that we rely on so much. The increase of root growth and nutrient uptake are hallmarks of our product line. Increasing root production and microbial stimulation means a more complete uptake of nitrate and phosphate fertilizers once they are applied, reducing runoff into surface waters and leaching into the water table. Over time, our products will help to build up organic matter in the soil through increased root mass, root exudation, carbon sequestration, and enhanced microbial activity. This means more carbon taken out of the atmosphere and put into the soil, reducing the footprint of any growers utilizing our product line.